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Incorporated in 1950, Electric City sits on the shores of Beautiful Banks Lake and offers outstanding recreational activities like fishing, boating, climbing, camping and generally enjoying the wonderful eastern Washington climate.Located just a few miles from the Grand Coulee Dam and Lake Roosevelt numerous opportunities exist to enjoy yourself. Electric City is a beautiful place with beautiful people. 

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Mayors Budget Message and Preliminary Budget

(11/15/2018) Please read the Mayors 2019 Budget Message and feel free to preview the Preliminary Budget.  2019 Budget Message  2019 Preliminary Budget

Water Rates Increase

(10/10/2018) The City  Council voted to increase the water rates on, Resolution No.2018-16 to commence on January 1, 2019 utility bill.The monthly rate will raise an additional $2.50 commencing on the January 1, 2019 utility bill. The minimum monthly rate shall be ...